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Chess NYC "More than a game, it's our culture"

82 West 3rd St, NYC

Village Chess Shop

About New York City Village Chess Shop

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About Village Chess Shop


The Village Chess Shop has been in the heart of Greenwich Village since 1972, just one block below Washington Square Park. Our's was the first place created where chess players could come and play, as well as find a set to bring home. "The Chess Shop", as we are commonly referred to, takes great pride in displaying hundreds of chess sets from all over the world. Many a tourist has come in smiling, saying how wonderful that such a "museum of chess" exists.

While we moved out of 230 Thompson Street, the games, sales and display of Chess lives on just 15 yards away @ Zinc, 82 West 3rd ( near Thompson ), sporting a cafe, baked goods and a full bar after 5, the coolest place place in NYC actually just got even cooler.

Village Chess

82 West 3rd St.

New York City, NY 10012

When in NYC, please come by to say hello, have some coffee (maybe a muffin? Or a beer?) check out our Chess sets, and of course, play a few games.



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